The Free Look of Art

The Free Look of Art

Art Basement Copernico Milano Centrale, until 15/04/2016

10 April 2016


Gino Sabatini Odoardi, class of 1968, born in Pescara, conceptual artist, unique in the Italian and International setting to express his art through the complex technique of thermoforming, which consists of vacuum-sealing an object with opaque and incandescent sheets of polystyrene that as they cool allow new and unexpected shapes to emerge. This refined as well as spontaneous technique creates in the artist awareness and a search that is always on the verge between sacred and profane, where the aesthetic fluidity questions the independence of the work of art.

We meet him at the Art Basement, the new space created in Copernico Milano Centrale as a meeting point between the art and business worlds, to bring out the value and the sense of art in the contemporary era. His first personal exhibition in Milan will be on show until April 15: site-specific works of art with which the artist hopes to destabilize and put in discussion all the realities and the certainties that our culture depends on.

Gino Sabatini Odoardi invites us to look beyond dogmas;  to have fresh eyes with which to observe reality and seize its profound truth, hidden in the folds of his work, exalted by games of light and shadows, in and out, white and black, to then lose oneself in the pleating, grasping the infinite and enigmatic implications of life.


A real, immediate language, that is the outcome of a loyal critical conscience that opens the mind to all possibilities: this is the Decentrato exhibit and his author tells us about it in this video interview; find out more!