CLUBHOUSE Brera opens in Milan

CLUBHOUSE Brera opens in Milan





Located in a former theatre, Teatro delle Erbe, CLUBHOUSE Brera is a new concept of a gathering-place for content and networking opportunities.


CLUBHOUSE Brera, the latest new project by COPERNICO Where Things Happen, was presented today: a platform providing a network of places in which to work, grow, and develop ideas and business concepts opening in the centre of Milan, in what used to be a theatre,Teatro delle Erbe.

It’s a membership club designed for working, networking and expanding your knowledge. A project intended to create an innovative workspace for today’s workers – entrepreneurs, freelance professionals, decision-makers and C-Levels from Italy and abroad. Clubhouse membership will be open to 500 high-profile members (250 men and 250 women) from the worlds of finance, design, real estate, food, etc., with a focus on fashion, culture and art. It will also be Italy’s first Clubhouse open to female entrepreneurs.

Clubhouse Brera is an exclusive location for holding meetings, facilitating professional networking and promoting the creation of new business synergies, and also a landmark for drawing inspiration from events and discussions about art and culture, for sharing knowledge at group discussions focusing on cutting-edge themes and areas of interest for business development.

“Clubhouse Brera is a product of the major changes currently under way in the labour market and in our way of doing business: organisations are fluid and people work on the move, everywhere, at home, in the hotel lobby, on the train; and in an increasingly informal way, over food, coffee or a drink,” says Pietro Martani, Managing Director of COPERNICO Where Things Happen. “We think of the Clubhouse as a special place, a source of inspiration ideal for people who want a sophisticated working environment that represents them in the best possible way in relation to their professional counterparts.”


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